Thursday, February 01, 2007

TXT 4 Keys

In my inbox this morning is an email from the Labour Party urging me to vote against John Keys. This is fine with me, I have no desire to see the man elected.

But you know what? I studied politics at university, so I'm pretty onto it. I have this vague idea that there isn't an election on at the moment. In fact I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any billboards, haven't noticed an party broadcasts on the telly.

The email is telling me to text or 0900 a bloody Dominion Post poll.

I'm a bit livid.

I really really really hate those polls.

As well as politics I studied Statistics in the 7th form (take that teacher that told me to give up maths), and I passed - PASSED! 7th form statistics taught me to be very cynical about polls. So did commonsense, but I'll give school this one kudos.

I'm strangely very upset about being asked to vote in a trite piece of newspaper rubbish. I had always assumed these polls are run to make some money (of course they are), and for people who can't be bothered venting with a letter to the editor, and who are fed up with yelling at the telly. Surely nobody with half a brain takes them seriously?


Joanna said...

I would like to think that I have at least half a brain, and I pay attention to polls in that if the Greens are polling over five percent, I will give them my party vote. If they're not then I won't. Cos I want to fit in and all.

Martha said...

Yeah, but those polls are different, they're a random sampling rather than the opinions of people who are prepared to pay 50cents to have their opinion recorded.

I don't mind proper polls, how else would I know who to vote for?!

Alan said...

Yeah, there's nothing worse than voting for (election) losers, is there.

Personally, I feel that it's a total waste of my vote if I don't vote for the winners.

Anonymous said...

And in the paper today it said the poll was hugely skewed because a great deal of the votes came from within parliament itself - so the poll's outcome was anti-Keys (rhymes with antifreeze) but if you discounted the Labour mole votes Keys was on top..
In other news, Marth are you going to Great Blend this year? I missed out on tix and texted Chris (who is one of the speakers, talking about BOTY) to say let me in... and he knew nothing about it! But I imagine I'll end up going... let's mingle like we did last summer.

hers said...

I can't see the mentality behind non-scientific polling.

It's all a bit NZ Idol.

David said...

Self selecting sample is the term you're looking for here.