Monday, February 26, 2007

Procrastination #57

I am not doing my GST return.

I am not doing anything else either, because I have a GST return to do.

But I am not doing the GST return.



Vicus Scurra said...

Are you sure you are not doing your GST return today? It seems to me as if you have made a rather hasty decision on that one. If you were a true procrastinator that is one decision that could have definitely, I mean possibly, been delayed.
I hope this helps.

Martha said...

It really does.

I'll give the decision making some more thought before I do anything hasty.

Hell, I've got another evening before I run in and hand deliver the thing last minute Wednesday.

llew said...

Did mine last week!

You still have tomorrow to do it!

Stephen said...

That sounds like modernist poetry. Let's see:

it is a gst return and i am not doing it.
doing a gst return it is and i am not.
not doing i am a gst return and it is.
i am not doing and a gst return it is.
return not gst and it is doing i am.

Also, I ate the plums in your ice box.