Friday, February 16, 2007

A quick run down (because I'm supposed to be doing work, or reading Birdsong, and I can't be arsed with either)

Last night Craftwerk was on at the Cross. In MY DAY it was called the Southern Cross, but now it has been upgraded by DESIGNERS and ARCHITECTS and is the Cross.

I realised I've moved up a generation. I'm too old to appreciate the irony of wearing really foul 80s clothes. I'd be very happy to see people in lime green fishnets, or legwarmers, or Cum Fuck me Boots. Ugly pleated polyesther skirts that I wouldn't have touched with a barge pole though? No, irony lost (ironically).

I had a lovely time, despite being horrendously old. Sold loads of stuff, which makes life prettier, and spent some money of some great things. I should photograph them for you all, but that would involve movement, and meh, can't be arsed.

Tomorrow is Petone Fair. Another big day out, and hopefully some more money. I've got my eye on a very fabulous frock to wear to Webstock Mini(I'm speaking!), but I will need to sell 24 shirts to pay for it, and 48 to justify buying it. Wish me luck.


Hadyn said...

Drat! I was supposed to talk to you about tats! I got caught up in the anti-craft-crime ring we were seeting up. Perhaps we can call it "Craft-watch".

Oh well, maybe in Petone.

Jimmy said...

I struggle with how it can possibly be ironic if everybody is wearing really foul 80s clothing. (and yes I am prone to hyperbole).