Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My name is Michael Caine, and I'm a nosey neighbour

A Saab pulled up over the road. I said "A Saab pulled up over the road", cos, you know, we sold our Saab recently, and I love them still.

4 men were in it. They were dressed in black. "Bloody mobsters" said I, cos, you know, we live in the 'hood.

They hopped out. "Real Estate agents" I said, because we live at the 'desirable Eastern end of Petone, dress circle'.

They had bow-ties on. "That guy on the corner has got his barber-shop quartet to sing to his wife" said I. Glen blushed.

"No! They're looking at the house! They keep looking at me! YOU DIDN'T". I hid in Finn's room.
When I came out, I grabbed the video camera, and set to enjoying the adoration of 4 older gentlemen giving me their undivided attention.

They sang me 2 beautiful songs, and gave me a rose. I was chuffed.

Turns out Glen had put them up to it though, meaning I haven't got 4 new boyfriends, just one old, very sweet husband.


David Slack said...

Lovely. Just lovely.

Please give Glen my best and after the candle-lit dinner that no doubt awaits him tonight, would you be good enough to point him in this direction:

Mr Reasonable said...

and now I feel like a bad husband. Cheers. Maybe I'll get some mirrors positioned strategically and sing a ballad to Mrs R with the aid of Ultrastar (Singstar PC Ripoff)

Sue said...

one word - Keeper

Vicus Scurra said...

I think, on balance, that I preferred the reference to your son being cute.

Martha said...

Vicus love, your jealousy is CUTE.

miss_seph said...

oh! Bless! Meanwhile I got curry, wine, and three different dessert options, which was still wonderful after my awful day :)

C Maryon said...

I got roses. I am still suffering from shock.

Heather said...

Me, I got Mum deoderant "well I knew you don't wear purfume".

Mrs Smith said...

Cute cute cute.
Yours Cutely,
Mrs Cute Smith