Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Profiling oneself for one's press pack



"Martha is somewhat incapable of writing these profiles...



"Babylicious is the brainchild

what the hell is a 'brainchild'? I child made of brain? Or a child borne of your brain, so essentially also made of brain?

"Martha won't rest until the world's babies are dressed to kill in shades of pastel with cowboys on their chests".

I do quite like the mental imagery of rows and rows of babies, dressed to kill, carrying AK47s and machetes. Someone should give me a job in advertising NOW.

Clearly I suck at writing profiles of myself.


llew said...

Look out for two old movies - It Lives, and It Lives Again.

I mean, if you're really interested in killer babies.

Steph said...

I share your profile writing horror, I remeber writing a profile of myself for the newsletter of a certain govt department (the upside down pyramid) referring to my previous incarnation as a rural journalist and actually using outstanding in my field. oh, the horror.

Martha said...

Llew, Peter Jackson has dabbled with the killer babies too eh?

Steph, brilliant! I'm sure someone would have laughed with you.