Friday, January 19, 2007

Because I seem to be intent on annihilating any good image I may have generated for myself

The 1980s. The halcyon days.

MC Hammer pants, power suits, shoulder pads, Commando Ms, Karate shoes, coral earrings...

Sadly it wasn't all glamourous.

Sometimes it was about having your sleeves pushed up just the right amount, and then having your bangle pushed up just the right amount, and having your permed hair just frizzing the right amount, and showing just the right amount of leg above your jazzercise boots, and wearing shirts buttoned right up under fisherman's jerseys, and all about the acid/stone/blizzard wash on your jeans.

I was trying to look like Chelsea Redfern, but seem to have managed to pull of a unique tyre-shop-receptionist-in-a-small-suburb quite nicely.

I was wearing shoulder pads.

I was 14 when this picture was taken, and wearing my most awesome outfit. I hope you can find something as majestic.

I hereby challenge you all (ALL) to unveil yourself in your glorious 80s garb.


rhiannon said...

I blogged mine, though as you can imagine by my age its throughly unthrilling.

Martha said...

Ah, but that is exactly what I'm trying to prove about the 80s, it wasn't actually all that exciting.

Now, everybody else needs to participate and we'll have a new worldwide cult.

Urban Chick said...

loving the tapered (and no doubt high waisted) jeans

but wot no leg warmers??

Martha said...

Better still, they were dungarees with braces tops, and I think the most expensive denim item I have ever purchased.

And duh, it was 1986, not 1982. Legwarmers were so then, unless you were at jazzaerobics, in which case you needed to be very careful of fast-cooling calves.

Mrs Smith said...

I would reveal myself in 80s garb, but wide-angle lenses that could accommodate my shoulder-pads weren't invented then. The Hubble telescope might have been able to do it.

Martha said...

You Aucklanders did embrace the 80s in a way the rest of the country could only dream of.

I know, because I watched Gloss.