Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nominal tattoo

I can't find a good design to get tattooed on myself. I'm old enough to know that it isn't going to ruin my job prospects, nor shock anyone of a sensitive disposition, so I'm not concerned about that. I just can't find a picture I like enough.

I thought I'd change my nameinstead. Not get rid of it, but add to it a little. I haven't got a middle name, so there is plenty of space to do it. And what better name than Wanda Harland? It is after all my porn name, so super glamorous and all that.

Except I was signing some legal documents for my lovely neighbours yesterday, and god, what a pain a long name would be. You'd be having to write it all over the show, and there wouldn't be much point in having one if you didn't come up with a snazzy new signature... and then you'd have to change all your cards and passport and...

Now I need a lie down. It is too exhausting thinking about it.

1 comment:

Kate said...

What's your inner animal? Do you have a pechant for elephants or penguins? Fairies or butterflies?Maybe some sexy star sign?

Don't go dolphin. There are too many dolphin tats in the Hutt already ;)