Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Because I'm choice

I've stuck a picture of myself up dressed in Star Trek gears. As it happens I used to be co-pilot on the Starship Enterprise, until that bastard Spock sullied my name and ruined my reputation. Bloody Vulcan.

No much going on here. Weather is a large pile of steaming crap. Supposedly we're having some thing called "summer" here, but actually the next ice age is upon us, and the heater is on with 2 buttons, which is like the volume being on 11.

The good thing about this weather is that a) we're not finishing painting the house (which is also a bad thing) and b) I'm bored enough to start scheming up new products for my other website (I'm confident that my constant linking to my other website is keeping it high in the Google rankings. I bet the Googlebot will recognise its name and send me to the bottom of the heap again now).

And in more fascinating news, we got a toy Mini that looks like our real Mini from Farmers today, so even when we're not driving the car we can be playing with one. And that takes me nicely full circle to being the freak in the Star Trek costume again.

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