Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm not actually going to start a Harvey Norman Watch blog, but someone should. And I'm not going to comment on the CYF watch blog, because I can't be arsed, and haven't really formulated an opinion (although obviously it completely sucks if people are going all vigilant-y on other people).

I just want to share another charming anecdote in the game of trying to find a decent electrical retailer.

So, we decided to investigate getting a Mac. We thought Harvey Norman would be a fair place to start because they have 36 months interest free credit, and that sort of deal makes a computer free (ish).

Martha: Why is your price $300 more than RRP?
Harvey Norman Salesperson: Because of the interest free deal.
M: So it isn't really interest free?
HNS: No, all the Harvey Norman stores agreed on this price so that we could offer interest free.
M: But it isn't interest free.
HNS: Nah, but we can give you a better cash price.
M: No thanks.

David Russell would be having a small seizure at this point.

So we went somewhere else. Somewhere more honest in their pricing, although to be fair to HNS, he was kind of stupidly honest.


Kate said...

Darling Martha - I saw this groovey Ikea ad on this website and thought of you...

keep having fun.

Martha said...

Kate love, brilliant! The roof rack was particularly appealing.

Kate said...

I just love his name. I might have to call my first born Stig and hopefully he'll have a lovely up and down lyrical modulation to his voice!