Monday, January 22, 2007


Laura has tagged me. I have to write 6 weird things about myself. Duff tagged me a while ago with a Christmas tag, so I'll do that one too. Maybe I'll go all 2006 on your arses and do a tag-mash-up. It will be exciting and totally new (ahem).

I just find it sounds a bit wacky to try and say how weird you are.

1. My result for the 8 tribes of NZ was North Shore. This means I'm an ambitious, shallow shopoholic, as far as I can tell - it is totally crap and embarrassing. I just think to reveal my true intellectual self, I would have had to tick the box that said "I enjoy stimulating intellectual debate", and while obviously I adore intellectual debate, at the moment I prefer to talk about my new car (which I got for Christmas, for myself, but now I've mashed in the Christmas tag - nice!)

2. If someone should happen to squeeze one of my finger nails, I have to squeeze all the others to even things up.

3. I'm perfect, so I'm finding this weirdness tag somewhat of a challenge.

4. My friend Megan and I met Jamie Oliver, we got our picture taken and everything. I got a Jamie Oliver Cookbook for Christmas (mash).

5. I can cook pretty well, but I can't make nougat.

6. I washed the car again today. I've washed it 5 times since we got it a month ago. My pre-new-car self would have thought this is weird, now I'm just trying to work out how I could fit the car into my bed.

Thank Santa that is over.

I tag Rhiannon and Sue and Emily and Duff (ha! tagged back) and Kate and the lovely Oy Vey, who had a birthday and I didn't know and owe a big trans-international love-up/rub up/Hannukah mash up.


Make Tea Not War said...

I wouldn't feel too bad about the test. I don't think it was that accurate somehow. I probably narrowly missed being classified as belonging to the ethnic type category when I realised that I should not tick the option that said "You are most comfortable with people of your own culture rather than mainstream NZ culture" The only reason I didn't tick that was I realised, just in time, that, as far as the test was concerned, the community of Buffy fans probably doesn't count as a separate culture- which just goes to show how crap it is!! (IMO)

Laura said...

Well done. I especially like how you managed to cover up your car-obsession. I'm sure no one suspects!

Urban Chick said...

how in god's name does one squeeze a fingernail??

Martha said...

Make Tea, I just felt like most of the appropriate responses seemed so pretentious. "I like to know about music before everyone else" - who would admit that? I like music because it is good, not because I discovered it.

Laura, thanks. I did very well at covering up my love of the car eh?

Urban, take the end of your finger, place thumb over the nail and index finger on the other side of fingertip, and squeeze. Repeat on remaining 9 nails.

tiel s-k said...

Laura warned us you were funny. I've only been awake 20minutes and have laughed 4 times reading this blog.

Martha said...

You are too kind, really, there is a fine line between funny and annoying, so I'm pleased I haven't crossed it for you.