Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'm staying at my parent's house while the ceiling at home gets plastered.

Quite enjoying the new LCD telly, but it still only seems to have Coro on it. LCD doesn't seem to improve Coro at all.

Now I've just alienated half my readership. Yeah, I'm sure Coro rocks, or as I'm reliably informed Corrie rocks.

Please still vote for me for the Bloggies. It will make you come back in your next life as Beyonce. Promise.


Cathi said...

Anyone who's anyone knows that the Street is known as "the Street"

Alan said...

And viewers are known as "streetkids".

After each show, they go and graffiti apparently meaningless squiggles on motorway overpasses that are actually coded messages of devotion to their favourite characters.

Martha said...

I understand it is a vicious addiction.