Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Because the desire to shop never ceases, and my laptop is clearly dying a slow death, I'm back to Apple dreaming.

The MacBooks look luverly. What I can't understand is why they cost $700 more in NZ than in America? I understand a small mark-up, but that is almost 50% more.

I know we live in the wops, but if they can sell bananas for 99cents a kilo, surely they could ship computers here for less than $700.

And if you're going to the States, could you pick one up for me please?


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Are you factoring in how lightlweight the Kiwi dollar is compared to the "great" (ahem) US dollar?

Martha said...

Yep, I am. The model I'm looking at is US$1299, which is about NZ$1800. The same one here is $2500.

Sue said...

Ooooo i lust for those toooo

my friend from the UK brought his macbook in the USA. His only issue is that the DVD is set to Region 1 and there is no hack that can alter it.