Monday, January 01, 2007

TV sensation

Last night, between partying it up and cups of tea, I was perusing the internet. I did a vanity Google search for Babylicious in NZ, and lo! My wee t-shirts featured on Good Morning, and I didn't even know. That was over a month ago and I can't find the clip.

Pretty exciting though, and I think this almost makes up for the fact I didn't get into the society pages.


Joanna said...

You might not have made it onto the society pages, but you made it into the Wellingtonista, and baby, we are Society. With a capital S like I've just come home drunk and am ranting on the interweb, except that I actually just got up and am trying to repair the ranting that I did do four hours ago.


Martha said...

I did notice a little ranting, but didn't mention it thinking it may vanish!