Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bloggy bloggy blog blog

The thing about blogging is that it gets in your brain, and sometimes you find that your every thought is how you would write it in your blog.

Today I drove up to Hawkes Bay to drop off the car, which I have sold. I was on my own, and frankly quite excited to be on the road. I had the fab cd Ms Ratpony made me, and the world was my oyster.

I cruised over the Rimutakas pretty easily. Driving over mountains is easier when you're not worried about making other people in the car sick. I was rocking the road. Then the inner blog-voice started.

"I descended the hill behind a van with curtains and a rear mirror, and queue of cars 20 long snailing behind".

"What was with Boy George? Did he sing anything apart from Karma Chameleon? What does it mean?".

"My jaw literally dropped open at the sight of the wind turbines on the hills near Pahiatua, crikey I thought, is that the first time my jaw has literally dropped? Possibly when you're driving alone you experience things like they read in books. I wonder if my heart will leap, or perhaps I'll freeze on the spot, and crash".

"Dude, the river where those Tui women were bathing at Mangatainoka is real".

"Prick in the One News car, should I dob them in for tailgating?".

"The perfect conclusion to the cd - We Built This City on Rock and Roll"

"Oh, hang on, that isn't the perfect end, THE FINAL COUNTDOWN IS THE PERFECT CONCLUSION". Fantastic driving cd, Sony or someone should employ MS Ratpony to make their compilations. (That by rights should have been in quotes too, because it is in fact a quote from my-inner-driving-blogging-voice).

"Sheep! No! White cows. What the hell kind of cow is white?" (that question is for Alan).

In the end I decided I should use the voice recorder on my phone, then I decided that would be insane, and nobody (especially myself) would want to hear the ramblings on a crazy lady driver.

And I got to Hawkes Bay in one piece, left the car at a friends', had a great lunch in her great cafe, and flew home next to an 18 year old hairdresser who wanted to become a flight attendent.

It was a very surreal day.

ps. I can't see the linky thing to linky to anything, and can't be arsed with typing in code. Ms Ratpony stars at, and the cafe is Bay Espresso, in case you were interested. In fact, did you make it to the bottom of this post? Well done! Have a jaffa.

Update, okay now links are added.


Lisa said...

*cough*dotcom*cough* heheh. that cd did rule. it was an MSD favourite for a while too until SOME people in the office were all "do we have to listen to this for the 3rd time in a row??!"

Martha said...

Ooops, sorry love. All better now.

The cd was my saviour. Without it I would have had to listen to Kings of Leon or the radio, and what i needed was something I could sing/yell along to.

Lisa said...

Well I'm glad it continues to bring you joy! Especially the cover art. Oh yeah. Giggity giggity.

Joanna said...

I think you should listen to your heart instead.

llew said...

Most excellent post.

Boy George also sang: Do you really want to hurt me"

And yes, we did.

Cathi said...

The thing about blogging is that it gets in your brain, and sometimes you find that your every thought is how you would write it in your blog.

don't tell me. While throwing up yesterday (all morning) I was thinking "and how will I blog this"