Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A fiendish idea

Mike has planted a seed. In fact, I suspect Mike has planted several seeds, but let us focus on this one.

I wanna go to Texas! Now that the seed is planted I REALLY want to go to Texas. I want to wear Daisy Dukes and a hat and go cattle rustlin' or somethin'. Perhaps I could meet a gay cowboy who looks like Jake Gyllanhal (or Heath Ledger if push came to shove), and they would realise they weren't gay after all and fall in love with me. It would be as disastrous as gay love in the desert, because I'm a happily married woman, but nobody would see fit to kill them.

And in a curly-wurly longwinded way, this brings me to this.

Nominate me for a Bloggie! Please. Go on. I'll love you forever. I fully know I won't win, but a nomination will give the gay-cowboy dream a chance to live on forever.

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