Thursday, January 18, 2007

Me and Britney

Out for a walk this morning, I realised with a shock how almost identical Britney and I are.

Regard the evidence:

We sang 'My Perogative'.
We dressed once as saucy, space vixens.Hotttt
(I could only find a pic of Brit in red on the Camel Toe website)
We have ex-boyfriends, who had older girlfriends, and then they broke up.
We got married in Las Vegas.
We have 2 boy children.
We both vied with Christina and Jessica for the limelight.
We both got 'tired' in clubs/pubs and had to be carried out.
We share the same amount of letters in our first name - Britney and Marthaj (the 'j' is silent)
We both receive mixed reviews for our singing.

I'm kind of shocked, and don't know where to take it from here. I imagine the Press will be stunned with these revelations.


Urban Chick said...

'tis uncanny

it's the same thing with me and jessica btw, except i am thinner and blonder and prettier

such a burden doncha find?

Urban Chick said...

p.s. lawks a mercy! you look like something out of a john hughes film in that noo profile pic - molly ringwald eat your heart out

Martha said...

Tis true, I should be in a John Hughes film. That is what you're saying eh?

Urban Chick said...


then you cannot be 24 for then you would never never be familiar with the genre that is a john hughes rite de passage movie

admit it: you've been rumbled

guinness girl said...

Are you sure you're actually Martha and not, in fact, Britney herself? The evidence has convinced me!

Martha said...

Dude, old skool John Hughes totally rulz with hip young people these dayz.

Guinness, you've sprung me.

cre8d said...

Hehe, I saw a column by Robyn Gallagher which was very similar to this in Craccum last year.

Nice Star Trek outfit :)

Kimberlee + Lies said...

maybe you should see if she is your celebrity face match. I warn you though, this site is a time sucking vortex....

Robyn said...

Hehe, I saw a column by Robyn Gallagher which was very similar to this in Craccum last year.

I should point out that the column in question was fiction, whereas this is impressively true.

But don't go shaving off your hair, Ms Wanda!