Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It is the last day to vote for the Bloggies this year!

Go on, be good sports.

May I recommend The Wellingtonista, Public Address, Red Red Whine (for the US), Urban Chick (for the British) or Vicus (if you're into grumpy old buggers), Tiny Happy (crafty goodness), MEMEMEMEMME (of course I'm going to recommend me), um all the peeps from the Wellingtonista (Noizy won one, clever eh?), Spectacles (for her fabulous photos), and everyone on my links list, because I think they all rock and are actually a lot more deserving of nominations than me, but fortunately you can vote several times in each category.


noizy said...

I must admit, I didn't actually win one, I was just one of the finalists in the AUS/NZ category.

Being the only NZ finalist did make me, I suppose, the 'best' NZ blog in the world at that time, though. ;)

Martha said...

Winning a nomination makes you a winner in my books, my dear.

And that is certainly all I would ever aspire to!

guinness girl said...

Oh, wow, I'm honored, Martha! :) Thank you!

Martha said...

My pleasure clever lady.

I actually voted for Ms Oy Vey too, in the food section!

Urban Chick said...

heavens to betsy! but my blog is such utter nonsense!

and i see no 'best utter nonsense blog' or 'blog in terminal decline' category...