Monday, January 08, 2007

Uh oh

I almost bought a new house today.

Well, I emailed a real estate agent to find the price of a pretty house I saw. She called me shortly after, told me the house is going for about $1.8m.

Now, how does one save face in such situations?

Basically you've been caught being a) too stupid to realise that nice houses with swimming pools are really, really expensive, or b) bloody nosey.

I'm not sure which I am. I was vaguely hoping to hear that nobody else had discovered that area yet, and that most people couldn't be bothered vaccuuming 5 bedrooms or cleaning a pool, so in fact it would cost about the same as a loaf of bread.

Worse still, she probed me for what I was interested in. So I'm trying to maintain this air of being really filthy rich, but also not really interested in seeing the house in Lowry Bay, because, you know, I'd much rather have a caravan in the hills and all that.

I just can't cope with real estate agents.


Kate said...

They're house pimps really. We've just been stuffed around by one. We think he used us to push someone else to put in an offer on the house we wanted. Most disappointed.

Damn this selling to buy business. If only we won lotto.

Martha said...

Is your house on the market?

We tried to find it the other day. I couldn't remember the number though, so basically we just cruised your street looking dodgy.

David said...

Waterfront property should be dead cheap these days, what with global warming (or climate change or what ever it is called this week) and rising sea levels. You'll be able to pick up something around Oriental Bay for next to nothing.

Martha said...

David, one word 'Petone' - the only reason we can afford to live anywhere is climate change.

Cathi said...

You: How much is that nice house in blah blah blah, you know, the one with the blah blah blah?

Real Estate Agent : 1.8 million

You: Oh, what's wrong with it?

Kate said...

it's 72 but we don't have a sign up. It's all very quiet. Plus we just missed out on the one we wanted to upgrade to. Now we're thinking about building... mmm scary.