Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy happy joy joy

All my coveting beautiful things for years has reached a whole new happy place (I can't write proper though, too bloody busy to think).

Wanda Harland will soon (ie tomorrow or Wednesday) be stocking Saben bags and Tivoli radios. My fricking cup runneth over (and that cup is full of gin), I am that pleased.


Emma said...

"...and that cup is full of gin..." -- oh, you are my kind of lady.

Sandy said...

Ooooh, want, want, want ... one of those radios and your gin ;-)

(And yeah, I know it's my turn on scrabble. But the game is no fun: You're pulverizing me :-)

Pixie said...

ohh you got me now baby, those bags! I need a Tivoli radio too. ohhhhhhh. so, question is, will you slip me a gin?

David said...

Are Tivoli radios good?