Friday, December 14, 2007

Undies and countdowns and other things

Yesterday Finn had a school trip to the pool. Glen packed his swimming bag up, and when Finn came home I couldn't understand why he had no undies on, nor what he meant when he said he had swum in his undies, nor did I necessarily want to understand what he meant when he said he had taken my undies. Sacre bleu! Glen had mistaken my lady pants for a tiny little pair of 5 year old's speedos. I am mortified in a way that can only be relieved by 6 weeks of school holidays, and I won't be setting foot in the school grounds for a LONG TIME.

On the shop front things are tres busy. We had our opening/christmas shindig a ling a lang long on Wednesday, and it was a sea of friendly faces, liquorice allsorts, mince pies and bubbly. In a strange way I think that even though the shop will be getting busier over the next 10 days or so, after Craft2.0 on Sunday things will get a lot easier for me. I've been flat out with wholesale orders, and the website has gone crazy baby. If I was into doing percentages and suchlike I'd say something about things being up about 4 squillionty zillion percent, but as it is I think I'll just say that we should be able to pay off the credit card this month. Woo!


Vicus Scurra said...

I suggest you retitle that post "Scarred For Life"

ANNA said...

That is the funniest image - Finn pulling your knickers out of his wimming bag and deciding he would rather risk the scorn of wearing his own undies in the pool than yours!!! Hopefully NOT scarred for life.
Great to meet you in person yesterday but I'm afraid I didn't hear much of what you said to me as I was visually gorging myself on the wonderous goodies in your shop! Well done and Happy Birthday for tomorrow - is that right??? Anyway Happy Craft2.0 Day too :D

Mrs Smith said...

At least your undies weren't mistaken for a pup tent or boat taupaulin. Didn't your husband think it strange that Finn's speedos were red and crotchless, though?