Friday, December 21, 2007

My head is full of shop (just for a change)

The shop is lovely and busy at the moment. People who come in have been really bloody awesome, and we think we're maybe onto something good.

Kazoos remain our number one seller. Or maybe I should say our number one SURPRISE seller, because I knew I loved kazoos, but hadn't reckoned on everyone else loving them too. We're onto our third shipment of them. Envirosax are coming in a close second. You'd better be in quick if you want one of our splendid Apple lamps

Apple lamps

And we have more horse lamps arriving tomorrow.

Of course, I think you should all show your loved ones you really care, and buy them a Tivoli. Especially with all this shaky earth action, you need a cute rechargeable transistor.

Plates and my favourite bag

End of shop obsessive post, which is really a true reflection of my crazy life at the moment. Hey, can you tell I've discovered the Flickr photo editing tool?

Have a nice drink all.

1 comment:

soubriquet said...

I like the look of your shop, Martha!

I'm at the other end of the world though, the rainy winter bit, or I'd come and buy something.