Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I bags it

My boootiful bags arrived today. I want this one:
but I will make some kind of deal with myself, whereby I can't have it until I do something substantial, like say TURN THIRTY FIVE. I'm not very good about being secretive about my age, mainly because I'm so bloody surprised how young I am. Only 35! Well, only 35 in 5 days. I'm still 34 you see, which is like a newborn, really.

Hopefully the radios will arrive tomorrow. I'm not sure what something substantial I'll need to achieve before I treat myself to one of them, maybe something like survive the rest of the month without having a complete attack of exhaustion, or getting to the bottom of this small bottle of beer.


Cathi said...

I think you should allow yourself one of the bags, and one of the radios, when you have sold one. That way it pays for itself

(sort of)

unPC lesbian said...

Dear Martha,
You were in my dream last night, I can only assume it was the hangbag that triggered the subliminal.

2 points:
Do NOT dye your hair orange, it doesn't suit you, and

Even though we have never met your husband seems very nice!

Love from