Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The reason for the season is food

I've just read Make Tea's rundown of Christmas, and realised how much I like reading about what people have eaten. Here is our menu for the last couple of days:

Christmas day:

Breakfast: Sultana Bran. I can't get enough of Sultana Bran, I love it.

Morning tea: Last of the Christmas cake I made (which was very nice even though it was only made a week before), mince pies, cherries, bits of chocolate orange snaffled from the boys...

Lunch: Chook, lovely roasted free-range chick, Perla spuds (I boiled them and then mixed them with a little olive oil and chipotle sauce, bloody yum), various veges and salad. For pud we had a trifle I made. I thoroughly recommend the recipe, to which I added a fairly liberal dousing of limoncello, and we had strawberries and blueberries as well as raspberries. After all that we almost killed ourselves by gorging on beauuuutiful cheeses from the Kirkcaldies' cheese shop. We had a Roquefort and a gruyere and a goaty one, which was quite yum, even to me (I'm a non goat loving pleb).

Dinner: After swearing I wouldn't eat anything else, when dinner was pulled out at Glen's brother's house, I couldn't resist. They presented some amazing chooks, beetroot and feta salad and potato salad. It was delicious. And for pud there was a choc trifle which was amazing, and all homemade and amazing. Did I say amazing? And a beautiful boozy raisin and custard tart.

Of course we almost all exploded.

Today to counteract all the kai we went for a walk in the hills with dogs and friends. To counteract all the exercise we decided to scoff again... so at their house we had a delicious lunch of ham, homemade bread and salad, with assorted chutneys and dips, and in case you freak out about this health kick, we followed it with chocolates, liquorice, tiramisu, trifle...

And once again, I've almost exploded.

I hope your Christmas was as delicious. Why don't you all take this as a meme and write down what you ate? I tag you.


Joanna said...

I went to Shirley's for a champagne (Morton) breakfast - fried potatoes, amazingly crispy Henderson's bacon, and one piece of toast with coffee and OJ (I was still hungry when they kicked me out). At 1ish, I went to Stephen's, where we had feta, hummus, red onion and coriander on pita chips, and also tarts made of pear, blue cheese, walnuts and honey that I'd brought along, and drank bubbles with Green Ginger Wine in it. And THEN I went up to my parents', where we had mince pies and keerskranz (which is traditional Dutch almond-filled deliciousness) with bubbly, and then a big plate of cheeses and nibbly bits with reisling, and then more of the tarts with pinot gris, and then we had seared duck breasts with roast potatos, beans and orange/grape sauce with pinot noir. For dessert we had rum pudding with sour morello cherries, and then more cheese with dessert wine, and then chocolates and German hazelnut cookies with dessert cabernet. Mmmmmm over-indulgence!

spentrails said...

Croissants & coffee, roast parsnips, carrots and potatoes, roast venison, poached trout, red cabbage with apple and cloves, Winter Pimm's, pavlova (made by my own fair hand) with pineapple and kiwi fruit, Christmas pudding and brandy butter, more poached trout, marzipan and walnuts and dates, very boozy Christmas cake, gruyere, herby goat's cheese.

Not in any particular order.

Oh and lots of Pelorus bubbly. Very yummy indeed.

Lara B said...

What on earth is a chook?

My Christmas dinner was too sad for words. Well, the one on actual Christmas, that is.