Monday, July 21, 2008

Best torture ever

There was a brief clip on a preview for 60 Minutes about how one of Saddam Hussein's captors had to endure his poetry. I want a job as a torturer who recites bad poetry! I'd love it.

The sky is blue
you are not
there is a town

and a corner
with a mouse
and a cat
fancy that

honestly, I could go for frigging weeks. I suspect Saddam Hussein knew exactly what he was doing making this bloke listen to his endless poems.


Anonymous said...

My name is Saddam Huss-ein,
I used to bring the pain,
And if push came to shove
I could also bring the love.

Emma said...

You say you are my captor
But I say nay -- you're more

Do you like dinosars?
I do, a ton! Let's talk
About dinosaurs! Oh, what fun!

Mike Riversdale said...

Wow, Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy comes true once again -

Martha Craig said...

you guys make me laugh out loud, absolutely classic.