Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Plan

My latest plan for wealth has involved a serious commitment to Mylotto, Lotto online. For the first 2 weeks I won about $34, which has enabled me to continue buying tickets, until tonight. Tonight I won a ticket for next week, so hope still lives on.

I vividly recall a few months ago thinking how happy and content I was, and Lotto wouldn't have made much difference, but this baby scenario has me dreaming of a big house and a Homermobile to transport us all about. I'm dreaming of holidays, but I think that is a natural response to the rubbish weather and beginning of the month orders. Perhaps I'll make myself a virgin Pina Colada and recline in front of the gas fire. Or better still, finish my work, have a cuppa and crawl into bed. Hmmmmm, that sounds pretty peachy.

1 comment:

llew said...

Those bonus tickets often win, in my experience!