Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Free thinking? Spontaneous thoughts?

What is that thing, free association? Word association? Whatever it is, it is here tonight.

I believe I may have once mentioned my belief that at one time Jimmy Barnes was hot, tonight I did a little more research, and uncovered the fact that indeed, it was only one time. I scoped out a video from a year prior, and his ears stuck out! Not that there is a problem with that, but in the Cheap Wine video, they don't. Jimmy Barnes was vain! And by the mid 80s he'd turned into the man I thought he was (before finding out he is hot). In a roundabout, free association (or whatever) way, this makes me want botox.

I had my first moment of really enjoying being pregnant today. It was a bit shortlived, because my underwire broke and my pantihose kept falling down, and it distracted me from too much bliss (thanks to Miss Hubris, who advised me on a simple repair for the underwire situation), but I noted the moment of bliss, and intend to replicate it tomorrow, with decent underwear.

I'm reading a book, first time in yonks, I got 4 pages in and had to check my emails. Computers have ruined me for culture.

Now I will resume reading. Mr de Bernieres better be better than twitter.

Ohmigod, check out the poems in the comments from the previous post, and add your own. In fact, I'm going to do a bad poem meme, either right now (you're tagged), or a bit later when I'm organised, but why not go for it now? Shape poems win extra points.


Cathi said...

So? So? the underwire solution? come on come on

Martha Craig said...

oh - pull it out!

Joanna said...

I am very smart. And also like to see if wireless or wired makes me look more even when I am so wonky.

Thanks so much again for the goat, I will think of you when I get the chance to put it to the use that it is intended for.

Lara said...

If the de Bernieres book you are reading is Captain Corelli's Mandolin, I vote for giving up now.

Martha Craig said...

nah, read that a long time ago, this is called A Partisan's Daughter.