Monday, July 28, 2008

The weekend that wasn't, but was in fact

All that griping about the storm of the decade, and what did we get? Rain. Pah! Rain is like, well, water off a duck's back to we Wellingtonians. Ah well, the decision was made, and we chose not to venture over the mountains to the Wairarapa, to avoid being blown off. As it transpired, the weekend was fabulous.

Saturday the shop was really busy. This puts a shop owner in a goooood mood. After shop close we got a whole lot of glitter, and made pictures with the kids, which had the double benefit of making us feel like good, attentive parents, and also really made us feel arty. It was glitter! The beauty of modern art is anything is legitimate, and my favourite artist happens to specialise in glitter.

Sunday was still pissing down, so we went to the pool. Take that nature! See, we like water. Foiled. And then we went to Te Papa for a bit of lunch and a bit of entertainment.

Today I took a long overdue trip to the nice ladies and Kirks, and got fitted for a BRA. Terrifying. In fact, they were lovely, and I would go back there in a heartbeat, unlike the Bendon shop at Queensgate. It took me 2 years to get over that particular horror.

I feel like I've had a holiday. Such is the relaxation of hanging with mah kiddies for a couple of days, nothing to do with the fact I am more comfortable in my underwear than I've been for years ;-)


Violet said...

Shopping at Kirkaldies is an experience too good, to leave to the Karori 'n' Khandallah crowd.

jockey mens underwear said...

Im glad the shop was busy and you got to spend tim being arty with glitter!