Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things that piss me off #1

Crappy kitchen appliances I keep buying because they look "good".

Exhibit A

June 2008 115

My very attractive, very wussy, Kenwood red mixer.

I bought it because it is a) Kenwood, a good brand for mixers and b) red!

Sadly I neglected to go for a decent, grunty machine, and consequently I never use it. The same could be said for numerous blenders and food processors I have owned.

The bloke I live with, on the other hand, had me scandalised by buying a $700 vacuum cleaner when we first got together (tip to the young mens: spend lots of money on random things, the ladies will thing you're rolling in it). Thirteen years later that vacuum cleaner is still going strong, unlike the four blenders I've turfed.



Anonymous said...

I'm very glad you posted that. I've been eyeing up mixers for a while (your one does look very attractive too - I think it would be entirely valid to make your mistake). If you could 'have your time over again' which one would you go for?

miss_seph said...

Wow that's a snazzy kitchen!!

I got a purdy red Espresso machine. I didn't buy it because it was red, just cos it was good and I needed an espresso machine, but I love that it's purdy and red.

More things should be purdy and red.

again, loving your kitchen!

Martha Craig said...

donnasoowho, I would go for a proper Kenwood Pro or a Kitchenaid. Probably a Kitchenaid, because they're grunty and pretty ;-)

Caro, thanks mate!! It is the most basic kitchen in the world, but we loves it.

esther said...

kenwoods suck the big one - kitchenaids rule OK!
I love my kitchenaid it is beautiful and pink and hard working and able to do ALMOST everything my heart desires!

I have got a beautiful and broken pink francis francis that is an expensive kitchen ornament.

but kintchenaids are the key to true kitchen happiness!!

Martha Craig said...

Yellow Francis Francis' are excellent, however.

Anonymous said...

Ah. Well I will go and look at Kitchenaid products immediately then.


miss_seph said...

I hear bad things about the Kitchen Aid Espresso machines, so even though they are maximum retro and maximum style, leave them. They're bad news.

And coming up next on Wanda Harland: Appliance Reviews... :D