Friday, July 04, 2008

Things that make me go ahhhh

  • School holidays, I love them. I hate all the rushing around palaver in the morning, and I much rather have my baby at home with me (although he is 6 next week, so possibly should stop calling him a baby AS IF)
  • Bringing back the "AS IF"
  • Project Runway, I know it is an old series, but I love it.
  • Lovely Susan bringing me in a surprise packet of afghans from Arobake. Yum!
  • 2 hours of sunshine this morning.
  • Our house is still tidy after a whole week. We could be entering a new era.
  • The shop has been renovated for a week, and we have had approximately 7863979 people ask how long we've been here. Hence, the added 2 metres has made it like a completely new shop.
  • I said "hence".
  • Twitter, I like Twitter, it is somewhere I can be unprofessional.
  • 15 weeks pregnant! And huge! I'm excited about this baby.


Violet said...

I love Project Runway. The only thing that could make it better would be to get rid of Heidi - or make her learn some new lines for the show.

Sarah said...

So AS IF is the new NOT?

Martha Craig said...

I don't mind Heidi, and I love all the others so much that I find the experience almost blissful. LOVE TIM, LOVE NINA, LOVE whatsisname.

Sarah, you catch on quick!