Sunday, July 13, 2008


Blaaaaaaaaah. There goes my attempt at daily blogging, lost in a sea of work, ill child, houseguest... I'm fully lacking brain power or space to write legibly or interestingly, so I shall dispense with such niceties altogether.

A Pollyanna list will have to do the trick, and drag me out of this blah:

I'm glad we have Moore Wilson's, food is good, especially the olive oil we got today.
I'm glad I have my house to myself again.
I'm glad I had people look after the shop for me this weekend, and they were brilliant.
I'm glad Finn took the cancellation of his party so well, poor sick kid.
I'm glad lots of work means growth.
I'm glad I'm 17 weeks pregnant now, and don't need to feel like I should be able to suck my gut in.
I'm glad it is school holidays and I get to hang with my boys.
OMG I'm glad I remembered there is a packet of party mix lollies in the cupboard.

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Kelly said...

I LOVE not having to suck in my gut. Here's to 16-17 weeks! :)

So, drugs, eh? I was thinking of being stoic and not having any.