Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arrr avast me hearties

I can't do pirate speak, or any other accents for that matter. Maybe a passable American one, but not so passable that I'd do it in front of an American. And I can oot and aboot like a true Canadian.

It is speak like a Pirate Day, and strangely it hasn't had a massive significance in my life. I'll have to make a special effort to play with Malo's very excellent new pirate ship. Ahoy!

I went down to the beach earlier. Today is so beautiful, not even a slight breeze, it really is splendid. I can't imagine what life would be like if it was like this all the time. My friend owns several cafes in Hawkes Bay, and said it is really hard to get anyone to work in the weekends, because the weather is so perfect that people don't need anything else boring like money. They have barbeques and beaches.

Whew, managed to write some words without going on about a little shop...


Tom A said...

what shop?

unPC lesbian said...

What Hawkes Bay cafes??? Just to prove what a small village we live management in HB was my last gig....just to see who we have in common