Friday, September 07, 2007

Shop diaries part 1

My lovely sister has requested a shop diary, so for her (and anyone else), here is the beginning.

Some time ago, whilst talking about business, it was suggested to me by MG that I "take control of the supply chain" - or something along those lines - that sounded all businessy and efficient. I filed it away in my brain (and chucked out the file which helps me remember phone numbers), and didn't pay it much attention until it came time to write my business plan for the Cable Car Challenge. The process of writing the business plan really helped me cement some schemes and thoughts into tangible business strategies, but to be honest, I wasn't REALLY thinking much about retail until I saw the PERFECT SHOP.

That was 4 days ago. Since then I've signed and paid for the lease, organised eftpos and credit card, started some prelimary design ideas (with the help of the fabulous Rosie), had loads of really great advice, enjoyed a great deal of hilarious discussion on the Wellingtonista mail about names (Marthaload, School Girl French, The Marthacular Conception, Pantz, The international marthahood of the traveling pants, Martha2.0... and so many more brilliant suggestions) - who can believe I decided to stick with Babylicious?

Today we went in and did a measure up. We'll need to take out some walls and some carpet, but it is pretty lovely. It was a bit hard to get decent photos, so here is one with my handsome dad, and one with my handsome son, to keep it interesting.
Malo at the shop
The very exciting doors. Exciting
Terry and Malo at the shop
The very exciting white walls. Yes, we will get rid of the curtain.


MG said...

Who would have thought that I would ever have something logical to say, let along something that another would even care to remember. Hhumph. I must be getting old.

Sue said...

oh prutty, maybe you should cross post to babylicious blog?

Miramar Michael said...

Ooooh - I'm quite excited about it all (living vicariously and all that)

Oy Vey said...

Mazel tov!

Anne said...

Great spot!
Sunny side of the street - definite bonus.

Good shops in that block too. We LOVE that hardware shop....I mean Mitre 10 Mega is OK, but R & W is the real deal.

I was worried you might have leased that shop next to The Venus Shop...
Not really :)

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Yay Yay Yay Yay!
If I didn't have school work coming out my ears I'd SO be offering stalky-bloggy-support!
In place, I will plug your store like your wouldn't believe across geeky parent cyber-land.

Martha Craig said...

Thanks Nikki! I saw your contribution on TNN, yay!

You'll be able to come and work in the shot when you stop being a student, of course, the commute may be a bit of a drag...