Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Shop diaries 4

I started writing another post about what I'd do if I was Queen of the World, but it seemed that everything was related to sleep... which is my subconscious being EXTREMELY UNSUBTLE. Stupid subconscious, what does it know? I didn't get where I am today by being well rested.

Today I felt like I got into the stock shopping for reals. Bloody great fun it was too - I've got some fantastic hats. These hats I saw in Auckland last year, and berated myself for the rest of summer for not buying one. You'll have to come into the shop to see them.

To appease all the parents that seem hellbent on looking after their infants purity, I've got some lovely organic stuff arriving. It is quite weird to be trying not to focus on baby stuff, so I'm not fighting the urge too hard, I love babies, and so do lots of shoppers.

I met up with Nikki the Marvellous Jeweller Who Keeps Me In Fabulous Bling. I'll be stocking some of her creations. Once again, instore. Um.

And I've been daydreaming about the opening. Primarily of the grog at the opening, because frankly all this work is wreaking havoc with my social life. Havoc.

Tired, incoherent, probably fairly boring. Foux de fa fa.


miss_seph said...

You can stock some of my stuff if you want - I don't actually make anything, or have anything, but I'm sure I can come up with stuff for you to sell :)

How about random ramblings? I've loads of those!

Martha Craig said...

If they're the right price, I'll buy 'em ;-)