Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rueing the heady days of drunken blogging...

This is as close as I come to drunken blogging these days - 2 martinis. Hmm. All it seems to mean is that I make heaps of typing mistakes, but am not drunk enough to roll with them.

I'm quite busy. Understatement really. I'm VERY busy. Just when I was quite busy, a fax rolls off the machine last night with another mighty order (I made that sound so natural, in fact it is only the second fax I've received since I got the machine).

The shop plans are coming along nicely. I've been doing lots of scoping out other shops for shelving systems and signage and so on, and it turns out that any plans I had were about 400x as elaborate as any given shop in the Wellington region, so it will be sweet setting up.

I've done lots of boring logistical stuff, and not yet managed anything glamorous like graphic design. I'm trusting that I'll engage people that like living on the edge as much as I do.

Right now I'm off for some enforced R 'n R watching Top Chef, then it is back off to make some more goodies.

Hope your weekend is just as rock n roll as mine.

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