Friday, September 28, 2007

Shop diaries #457382

Life is almost completely about work at the moment, so why pretend otherwise.

The shop is coming together nicely. I've bought lots of things to make it pretty including some lovely red velvet chairs that make me want to sleep in them, a beautiful white shelf thing which the lovely Megan has referred to as "the Ritz", a cash register, some stools, some beanbags, some stock...

I've been in discussions with my experts about which white - alabaster or ricecake - to use.

I've filled 4 large orders, which Murphy's Law dictates would arrive at a point in life where I am kind of busy with other things, but the money is extremely welcome.

I'm going to Auckland tomorrow with my "everything" advisor. Primarily for the gift fair on Sunday, and I'll also be checking out a counter and meeting my lovely sales rep.

Life is ALL GO. I'm wondering when the champagne, jet and expense account start. And when do I get my Macbook?

Here is a little something from the Phoenix Foundation, to get you ready for the weekend. Cheers Emily.

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