Monday, September 10, 2007

Bullet point Monday

  • My chewed glasses are soon to be replaced with extremely tasty new ones.
  • The curse of the optometrist appeared again today, when I showed up for my appointment, and there was no appointment. They said something about rescheduling until tomorrow, I muttered something about how I would be happy to see anyone, and stayed very still, and thankfully got seen. Perhaps the curse has been broken.
  • The week is full of appointments, so that my Google calender is looking all chock full and important.
  • I think I'm on ASB Business tomorrow morning. Feel a little nauseaus at the thought.
  • Amplify shampoo is shit. I accidentally used my old shampoo today, and my hair feels lovely compared with the last few weeks of aforementioned item.
  • I'm fretting about childcare, accountants, builders, packaging, stock, paint, light fittings, eft pos machines, staff... but mainly enjoying the fretting. It is good to be busy.


Oy Vey said...

That kind of fretting is loads of fun. Shop, shop shop! (meaning it's just loads of buying stuff, not as in 'the shop, the shop, the shop!) That's all it is. I highly recommend keeping a little notebook devoted to babylicious your bag at all times to keep it all in one place. That helped me tremendously.

miss_seph said...

I'm fretting about wedding stuff, and OyVey is right, the shopping fretting is fun! Ofcourse, then comes fretting about where the money's going to come from, which isn't so fun.

A PDA has helped me :) Ofcourse, I left it at home today, and have had three appointments rescheduled, so have had to send myself emails to remind me. I'm becoming too dependent on the PDA :(

But totally go get a PDA - think of it as an organisational investment :)

Martha Craig said...

I wouldn't even know where to start with a PDA! I'm saving my techie investments for fabulous MacBook next month... and in the mean time, I'm using totally old skool paper notebook.