Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Big news in these parts sees Glen joining the family firm (and by "family firm" I mean Wanda Harland Enterprises). Yessirreebob, he done quit his job, after 16 years. We are VERY EXCITED. We'll be like Dooce, except not at all, because I won't be making a living from blogging, and Glen is different from Mr Dooce, and we have boys not a girl and so on.

I may have to give up my "life's too short" philosophy and knuckle down to earning the bickies, but I really suspect I won't. I didn't get where I am today (Reginald Perrin) by sweating the small stuff. Obviously I should write a self-help book. I am full of the terminology (as I imagine it, never having read one. Although I have seen the Oprah show, that must count for something).

And yes, I went to see Ratatouille this morning with the chiddlers. I loved it, the animation is so beautiful. Wanna know the last 5 movies I've seen in the theatres? Ratatouille, Shrek 3, Curious George, Simpsons Movie, Happy Feet. Going back further will only reveal more kid flicks. I'm pleased most of them are quite good (glaring exception being Happy Feet wtf?)


The Editter said...

Yay for Glen joining the Wanda Harland family business! What's his porn star name, btw?

My last 5 theatre-movies sadly do not include Ratatouille but do include The Simpsons. And Transformers. But also Hairspray and Eagle vs. Shark, so yay for that.

Miramar Michael said...

That is so cool - on him you and the business!

If you need "Enterprise 2.0" in your life you know who to call ;-)

riki said...


you've just got to see
'surfs up'

The big Z and the penguins

on the surf boards.

Be right up your alley

And Ratatouille was magical

Some how reminded me of the Aristocats. aaaaahhhh

lettuce hater said...

ya mean ya didn't take the boys along to see 'atonement' yet?

disappointed in ya!

Stephen said...

We went to see Ratatouille and really enjoyed it.

But is it just me, or is Collette way too good for Linguini? I found it hard to feel sympathy for him. She has the talent and the drive, he's just a lucky nebbish with a rat. Yet somehow she gets overpowered by the magic snog.

Still, it's great animation when plot details like that are what worry you.