Monday, September 03, 2007

The weekend was sweeeeet

Spring is here, and it is SUNNY. I'm very optimistic about a good summer at this stage. I know the wind will be shit soon, but the days are so much longer and brighter, I don't really mind.

Saturday we went down to Oriental Bay to marvel at the loveliness that is this city, and gaze at the houses we'd like to own thankyouverymuch. The golden sand at that beach is a TRIUMPH. It isn't the softest sand, but it makes the sea look so freaking attractive.

In the evening I had a hot date with some hot mamas. We went to Mighty Mighty to see the Wrongdoings. It was a fantastic show, they are a fabulous band. I feel a personal connection to them on many levels, marvellous Mitch drums, other character was my first pash (blush), and Reta the singer went to my primary school. I tells ya, this country is a village.

Sunday I was feeling a little slow, not due to alcohol, but rather due to an early Fathers' Day start. Croissants are the order of the day for special occasion brekkies, so I was up at dawn cooking, espressoing and juicing (I should be honest and admit that the croissants simply needed heating, the juice pouring - the coffee was a bit more effort, but a lot of fun now our machine is fixed). And in the afternoon a lovely birthday party with good food and company.

I like weekends like that.

Today I'm daydreaming about a shop. My shop. Hmmm.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

I would luuuurve a Martha shop.
Actually, I did have a dream about a shop last night. It was my cloth nappy shop, but still could be easily morphed into a Martha shop.
I'd buy stuff.

mitch said...

your first pash? why don't I know about this martha? which character is it?