Saturday, November 17, 2007

At the coalface

I had a tremendous day at Pataka, selling stuff at the Crafting fair. There were many people, and they were buying up a storm. I nearly sold out, which I was very happy about.

A few people commented that they were surprised to see me there, now I have the shop and all. There are a few reasons I was there. Firstly, I committed to it before I committed to the shop, secondly, I had much stock suitable for selling off at a bargain, thricely, I love fairs, they're a little exhausting and a lot of fun, fourthly, we have only been open a few weeks, and we're now down from one income to half an income (I suppose half an income + what I earn, but since I seem to be very excellent at spending every penny I earn on stock for the shop and website, lets settle back on half an income) and fifthly and finally, I loves people. Loves them. They're so nice, and you meet so many on busy days like today.

Now I'm having a serious relax. Mmmm, lying in bed mooching around Apartment Therapy, I have found the thing that I need that I had no idea I needed.

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