Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That girl needs gin!

I have a booze resolution. I must get more. I have all these intentions of drinking more, and I've been thwarted at every turn, it is almost like the universe is out to get me - sober.

The sun is begging for me to consume a nice cool martini, but the universe has gone and sent me a huge Christmas order to get together tonight for one of my stockists in Auckland, and then, since I was making great progress, it sent me another. The universe has also arranged that Thorndon Fair be held in the middle of party season, and before I get too relaxed, Craft 2.0 is 2 weeks later - on my birthday. Perhaps that is a sign. A huge final fair for the year, on my birthday... sounds like an excuse to get lagered if ever there was one.

If you do decide to come see me at it on 16th December, please ensure you have a nice ice cold on you.

1 comment:

unPC lesbian said...

16 Dec where?? That is my next proper weekend...