Sunday, November 11, 2007

Curve watching

I have a bit of an overwhelming bleak feeling today. It is because I watched the extremely brilliant Out of the Blue last night (a film about the massacre in Aramoana in 1990). It was amazing. It had an incredible New Zealand feel about it, which I can't think of in another film. I've been out to Aramoana, and it is a really still place. Not spooky, because really it is just a sleepy place that can live without being thought of as spooky, but it is very quiet. Lots of little towns are, and Aramoana is the end of the road, so there isn't any through traffic. I thought the film was breathtaking. It was like The Road, in that it was a terrible story and will probably leave me depressed for days, but so well constructed. I have no idea how the people in Aramoana coped, but if I were them I'd stay well away from the film, it would bring up some horrible memories. If I remember rightly they were pretty keen the film not be made.

And my ipod on random is feeding me bleak music. Bloody psychic ipod. I did cheer up noticeably when Mahna Mahna came on, so perhaps I should load up my cd from Peter (which is brilliant, brilliant! - thanks Peter). Jo sent a brilliant cd too, thanks Jo!

I'm slightly cheered by doing my accounts, believe it or not. The beauty of a new business is that you start at zero, and the graph curve can only head upwards. Yay!

Now I need to put my mind to a photo session I'm having on Tuesday. The super talented Louise Clifton is in Welly for a week or so taking pics, and I thought I may as well go for it before I get even older. But what to wear! Lord, the decisions I have to make in this life...

See how I went to really deep Aramoana stuff to what to wear? COMPLEX man.

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The Editter said...

Yep, that was an amazing movie. I went to Wanda Harland today and bought a raspberry Foxton fizz and 2 fingerpuppets. Ooh, see? I'm complex too!