Wednesday, November 28, 2007

'tis the season


  • write christmas cards that you forget to get around to sending
  • start buying a lot of cheap bubbly
  • feel guilty at all times because you're spending money on gifts for yourself rather than everyone else
  • feel quite popular and busy for a few weeks because 12 months worth of events seem to be crammed into 3 weeks
  • buy a bucket of Cookie Time cookies
  • feel sick for 3 weeks solid until the bucket is finished
  • get a vague sense of optimism that the weather will improve
  • look at the rusted heap of a bbq guiltily
  • start drinking at 4pm


Anonymous said...


Today I;
-decided against the said bucket of cookie time
-fired up the BBQ (as we speak in fact) to cook dead sheepies
-spent no money on myself nor others
-can't stand bubbly
-haven't had a drink all day and it's already 6pm

Halo anyone?

Cathi said...

You make a bucket of Cookie Time cookies last 3 weeks?

miss_seph said...

whenever we get a bucket of those cookies, they last a life time. we get all excited and cookied up for a week, then we get sick of them and throw them in the back of the pantry.

I think we may still have a couple of buckets from 3 years ago...

Amanda said...

I have two buckets from last year...what the hell is wrong with me?

spentrails said...

There's nothing wrong with a bit of cheap bubbly at any time of the year.