Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blues Clues

Le chien, elle est bleu. She mangered the stamp pad, and now she is bleu and substantial parts of our floor are bleu aussi. At least it gave me a chance to go to Warehouse Stationery, one of life's pleasures is a good stationery top up. I got some envelopes too, ritzy ones, so the shop opening party becomes slightly more real. Not that I'll actually post anything, it is usually a case of last minute emails for me.

I enjoyed a visit in the store from the lovely Marsha. Marsha experienced a dose of the "new to business can't get the eftpos machine to work Martha". Marsha, my apologies, it was slightly unplugged. Marsha has a new cafe in town near the strip clubs (which I'm afraid is all I can remember of the directions). Marsha, put a comment here with the address and we'll send some of the noble bloggers of Wellington your way...

Shop closed tomorrow! A day off. Lordy, how exciting.


MY said...

Thanks Martha - you are everything I've expected - and even more!

I will bring the book next time I pop in...

Re the restaurant/cafe: the address is

103 Vivian Street
Tel.: (04) 382 8882
027 3191 262

All noble (and ignoble) Wellington and out-of-Wellington bloggers are welcome (I am sorely tempted to list a highly biaised selection of bloggers, but Tom might disagree with this approach to business...)

And once again - thank you, Martha...

Cathi said...

Next time I am in V St I shall drop in (don't get excited - I am hardly ever there)

Am I ignoble? not noble, surely

tinks said...

Woohoo - new cafe - and in my neighbourhood no less. What's it called?

Sam once ate a blue feltpen. I had no idea how much felt is actually in a felt pen until it passed through her digestive system.