Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bullet point life update

  • I had my session with the photographer last night. She was amazing. A very clever woman indeed. The true test of her skillz will be seeing how good she is at photoshopping me into perfection.
  • My horse lamp arrived today at the shop, now I can die happy.And don't even get me started on how much I love the horse lamp
  • I'm sick, and sick of being sick, and probably making everyone sick of me by talking about it.
  • The signwriters are going to have our name on the window by the end of the week. Yippeeeeee.
  • And (not to go on about the shop too much) BUT (see how I used "and" and "but" both together at the beginning of a sentence, because I'm a grammar gangsta, and dontcha forget it) my shop rulz, and you should come say hi.

Here is a beautiful song to get you bouncing, coming to you from the good folk at Minisnap.

Over and out, amigos.


Cathi said...

woohoo! gorgeous counter!

miss_seph said...

I agree! I don't have a shop, but I think I want one anyway!

Marjorie Dawson said...

Martha - these are the shoes I wore. If you can't access this - go to then SALE, then boots and shoes, they are about three lines of pictures down (if you don't get distracted by the sandals, high heels and others on the way down.

Sorry to send this here, not sure where else as tomorrow the garden beckons and I might have forgotten by Monday.

They are (the shoes) awesomely confortable (as are all Boden's shoes)