Friday, November 23, 2007

Le cold, say "au revoir"!

I still have snot, but pretty much all the other non-visible aspects of my diabolical cold (lets just call it "flu") have left the building, and I feel freaking marvellous as a consequence. In fact, I'm about to have a glass of wine. Sweet nectar of the gods.

Tomorrow the old man turns a year older. In fact, tomorrow there are 10 years between us (which only lasts a few weeks, but I make the most of it).

And I'll be in the shop all weekend, so come and say hi and buy a kazoo (they're our number #1 seller! - on a quantity basis, they'd have to cost a lot more than $6.50 to be our financial winner).

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Cathi said...

I had that cold. I think Miss Tea did too