Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yurgle yurgle bork bork bork

I promised drunk blogging before the summer was through, and I can half claim success. I've shared a very nice (mystery) bottle of Pinot Gris with Glen, so I'm an itty bit lagered, but not really. Ms Hubris got me onto vineonline when I needed something bubbly, and we're working our way through the latest order. The Pinot Gris we're enjoy is this cleanskin, and what can I say, it is nice and tasty. Is there a trick to knowing what you're drinking when you're drinking a cleanskin? Like with Popbitch where they drop hints? Like "this travolting star likes to pash men when his attractive blond wife ain't looking".

See how I can bullshit post when I haven't got too much work on - GIVE ME A BLOODY LOTTO WIN UNIVERSE.

And RIP Heath Ledger, you were far too young and far too hot to die.


Joanna said...

Yay drunk blogging!

Megan Rose said...

And I second what Joanna said! Yeah, come on universe, give the girl loads of cash so that we can have more.