Thursday, January 03, 2008

Painted Love

Well, the lounge is white. White like the shop. Black White in fact. It is really strange. We're living in a modernist nightmare/dream. Once all the clutter returns I think it will be nicer.

Not much else to report. Went camping at my parents house in the Wairarapa (so not entirely camping in that we had ready access to loo, fridge, mattress...). It was great fun though, and we got rained on, and the tent held up fabulously. At some point in the future we'll try it again for reals.

While in the Wairarapa I ordered a pretty frock to wear to a wedding we're off to in a couple of weeks. It arrived today, and it is awesome. I think it will definitely look nice with one of the *ahem* 4 pairs of shoes I bought from Ebay. Mind you, two of the pairs of shoes are boots for winter, and one pair is white. It has given me something to look forward to this winter. White boots! I'll be like a freaking princess.

Ms Oy Vey arrives tomorrow, and I'm very much looking forward to showing off lovely New Zild to her. We're going down to Christchurch on Wednesday, and while we're there we will see Minisnap and Ghost Club play at the Dux de Lux.

And now I must go and help erect a new bed.


miss_seph said...

Help me please Martha!!

I can't remember if it was you that blogged about it, but I'm desperately seeking the NZ Website that sells those handbag hook things. They're all pretty on the top, and they sit on the table and then dangle a hook from which you can hook your handbag. I figure even if it wasn't you that posted it, you'd probably know where to find them, and you might even sell them! :)

miss_seph said...

DO not worry! I have found them! Huzzah! :)