Saturday, January 26, 2008

A very jolly day indeed

I woke up a bit seedy today. We had the neighbours around for a bbq last night, and I got a bit carried away with le vin. It worked out very well though, because I negotiated with Glen that he would mind the shop today, and I'll do it tomorrow, and then it turned out that I didn't really feel too seedy at all.

So, between boys carrying on as they do (ie constant chatter, questions, demands for food and toilet trips), I managed to finish of On Chesil Beach, and spend way too much time perusing Hel Looks (found via Melissa), and baking a chocolate cake to act as a medium with which to eat the remainder of Oy Vey's chocolate frosting (recipe for frosting: take a whole lot of impossibly delicious and rich ingredients, mix together, eat in obscene amounts).

And we've just watched Old School. Will Ferrell can make me laugh just by existing, so I enjoyed it in a very chocolate cake gorged sort of fashion.

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Anonymous said...

the book sounds interesting - has it been good so far?