Monday, January 07, 2008

Oy Vey!

I have a blog pal sleepover at my place. It is all cute jammies and pillow fights and gin. Well, it is all gin and wine and vodka and chocolate and pastries and cake... it is a lot of fun hosting a chef.

Ms Oy Vey arrived on Friday bearing insane amounts of candy for the chiddlers, who can frequently be heard demanding their "goody bags". Yummmm. I have scoffed quite a few Nerds and fried egg lollies and all the delicious Combos myself. We churned through a few bottles of delicious wine with our dinner on the first night, and Oy Vey has managed her jetlag amazingly well.

We hit the town on Saturday, checking out all the important sights around Wellywood. Te Papa, the waterfront, the Ruby sale. In the evening we sat in the sun and indulged in Feijoa and Pear Vodka cocktails. Mmmm. And lollies.

Yesterday we took off to the Wairarapa and cruised around a few vineyards. Without too much effort the $30 bottles of wine started to seem like the bargains. Ahem. Frugality starts in February. We made a leisurely return journey home today, via a mooch around Greytown. Oy Vey has spent the afternoon baking us enough food to keep us fat for about 17 years.

I really can feel all the stress of last year falling away.

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Lara said...

I am super-jealous of your international blogfriend weekend! Sounds like it was positively delightful!