Monday, January 28, 2008

Is Facebook killing blogging?

Facebook has made my brain for writing all bloody "Martha is...", so in the spirit of the Facebook attention span of a newt, my bullet points will be an homage to the "is"


is frightened that Britney really is losing it
is wondering when Tom Cruise is going to say "just joking!"
is inundated with work again, after a slight breather
is wondering how come Jon Stewart is back, but can't be bothered finding out if he has writers or what
is quite often wondering things without time to find them out, even with a simple Google search
is looking forward to receiving loads of boxes of goodies this week for the shop
is intrigued by this band on C4 who look really old. Hey! They're Radiohead! Must buy it
is rambling off into bed before beginning to speculate on something really fascinating like J Lo's arse.
is wondering if anyone will notice that I haven't added bullet points. I've said it before, I'll say it again, life is a freaking rollercoaster.


Emma said...

I immediately noticed the lack of bullet points and quite frankly am deeply disturbed by their absence.

Kimberley said...

nice post. I too need to buy that Radiohead album. Note the word 'need'. It's a question these days of keeping my mental health intact - ie I need those chocolate biscuits.